Rapiers and Rapscallions

Granny Claudine (Playtest)
Our mighty swordsman beat up an old lady...

The PCs are currently in the employ of Maurice d’Allemange. M. d’Allemange is a – surprisingly – well respected by both the upper and lower classes. In their one month of employment, the PCs have noticed some unusual activity in d’Allemange’s household. For example, their own employment is somewhat curious…

M. d’Allemange calls the PCs into his office and tasks them with finding the whereabouts of Arnot Jourdain. Jourdain went to try to “recruit” the notorious highwayman Le Masque Rouge. When questioned about this unusual mission, they were told “All will be explained in due time.” They were further cautioned to only try to collect the large bounty on the highwayman’s head if he clearly killed Jourdain.

The PCs travel to “eastern France”, stop at Le Cygne d’Argent, and find out that Arnot traveled east but didn’t return. They continue on to the forest and end up meeting Granny Claudine and her subordinates. They quickly defeat the lot… and the “adventure” ends with Granny leading them to Le Masque Rouge.

GM Notes:

The adventure was secondary to the mechanics this day. I’m also trying to do all of my playtests “off the cuff” so that I can try to improve my woeful improv skills.

I struggled a little bit with the careers = skills application. I need to read the careers better so I can understand how they apply. For example, “Don Juan” in the book is pretty much seduction, but Gary questioned why it wouldn’t have broader impact (you know how to get things from people). I agreed with him.

I wish combat would have been more competitive. Steve did a cool move on Granny – who was only a retainer – and she was out of the combat. The pawns went down like tenpins. It was completely one sided, the PCs didn’t break a sweat. That’s actually pretty cool.

From a GM perspective, my takeaways were that I need to listen better, give the players more space to run with things, and try to think ahead of the next scene. There were a couple of things I would have done differently at the Inn.

Adventures... so far!

Howdy guys, these are the adventures run so far. Some are playtest adventures… and eventually some will be (hopefully) real adventures….


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