Genre Tropes

The best thing about the indie game Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies was the section on Swashbuckling tropes. Here’s what the author, Chad Undercoffler, listed:

  • Action
    • Acrobatics & Athletics
    • Fencing & Fighting
    • Justice
    • Revenge
  • Heroism
    • Antiheroes
    • Courage
    • Honor
    • Humor
    • True Love
  • Style
  • Villainy
    • Deathtraps and Durance Vile
    • Killing & Death
    • Minions & Lieutenants

He also presents The Five Principles of Swashbuckling which are great:

  1. If it can be lifted or shifted, it can be used as a weapon.
  2. If it moves and it can support your weight, it can be used as transportation.
  3. If it’s opaque or solid, it can be used for hiding behind or protection.
  4. If a surface is angled and smooth, you can slide down it.
  5. If you can swing or jump from it, it’s a launching platform.

I think Honor + Intrigue really supports the tropes through the mechanics.

Genre Tropes

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