The French Fencer


Play a French Fencer if you want to be tricky and clever. It similar to The Spanish Fencer but emphasizes defense a bit more and uses a main gauche. If you always wanted to play a “Musketeer” this is your template.

The French Style

Originally influenced by the Spanish and Italian styles,
the French style uses flashy Actions to befuddle the
opponent and also favors the use of a small weapon
(like a main gauche or baton) or cloak in the offhand.
The French Style emphasizes tricks and flashy
moves, and the swordsman is well used to such things.
You can’t kid a kidder, as they say. You can spend a
Fortune Point to get +2 to resist any Melee Maneuver
that does not target your Defense. Thus, a French
Style duelist with a Savvy of 2 targeted with a Feint
Maneuver, could spend a Fortune Point to make the
difficulty -4 instead of -2.

Maneuvers: Glide, Tag, Footwork, Riposte, Feint

Origin: French
Motivation: Honor (or choose another)

Qualites (choose 1): Might 0, Daring 0, Savvy 2, Flair 2
or Might -1, Daring 0, Savvy 2, Flair 3

Combat: Brawl 0, Melee 1, Ranged 1, Defense 2 if you want to be better with the musket; or Brawl 0, Melee 2, Ranged 0, Defense 2

Careers: Duelist 2, Soldier 2, Pick 2 at 0 from: Artist, Gambler, Clergy, Diplomat, Farmboy, Noble, Sailor, Academic, Spy, Scoundrel, Woodsman

Languages: French, Fluent English

Boons: Dueling Style (French – Mastery Riposte or Feing), Stat Increase (Savvy or Flair), Lucky Sword or Perfectly Balanced Weapon or Crack Shot

Flaws: Pick 2 or 3 from Hunted, Incompetent Servant, Obligation, Braggart, Delusions of Grandeur, Hopeless Romantic, Lust, Soft-hearted, Spendthrift, Trusting

Equipment: Rapier, Main Gauche, Musket, and per careers

Favorite Maneuvers: Glide, Tag, Footwork, Riposte, Feint per Style; also Quick Cut, Parry

The French Fencer

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