The Italian Fencer


Play an Italian Fencer if you want to be aggressively offensive and a physical specimen.

The Italian Style

Also known as “Florentine Style,” the Italian style
follows the adage that “the best defense is a good
offense”. For this reason, strength training in the
sword arm is of great importance, as well as being
able to strike down your opponent quickly. While the
main gauche is usually meant as a defensive weapon,
students of the Italian style are quite deadly with it
(it does 1d6 damage instead of 1d6-1), much to their
opponent’s surprise. In addition, students of the
Italian style have a very strong grip, getting +1 to
resist being disarmed.

Maneuvers: Lunge, Stop-Thrust, Beat, Bind, Sword

Origin: Italy
Motivation: Thrill-seeking (or choose another)

Qualites: Might 2, Daring 2, Savvy 0, Flair 0

Combat: Brawl 0, Melee 3, Ranged 0, Defense 1

Careers: Duelist 2, Spy 1, Gambler 1, Sailor or Performer 0

Languages: Italian

Boons: Dueling Style (Italian – Mastery Lunge), Stat Increase (Might or Daring), Damascus Steel or Devil’s Own Luck

Flaws: Pick 2 or 3 from Hunted, Obligation, Braggart, Greed, Spendthrift

Equipment: Rapier, Main Gauche, and per careers

Favorite Maneuvers: Lunge, Stop-Thrust, Beat, Bind, Sword Break per Style; also Disarm, Hilt Punch

The Italian Fencer

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