The Pirate Fencer

Sword fighting

Play a Pirate Fencer if you want to be… a pirate! They use something called Drake’s Style which relies on strength, dirty fighting, and flashy moves.

Drake’s Style

Supposedly started by the famous Sea Dog himself,
this style teaches buccaneers how to fight for their
freedom from the lash or the noose using any means
necessary. The student wields a cutlass in the main
hand, and another weapon in the off-hand. This other
weapon can be a second cutlass, an axe, a hook-hand, a
knife, belaying pin, pistol butt, or any other relatively
short weapon that happens to be lying around.
Swordsmen of Drake’s Style ignore the penalties for
using improvised weapons.

Maneuvers: Bind, Shove/Trip, Dirty Fighting, Quick
Cut, Beat

Origin: Any (Quick pick: English)
Motivation: Wealth (or choose another)

Qualites: Might 2, Daring 0, Savvy 0, Flair 2

Combat: Brawl 0, Melee 2, Ranged 0, Defense 2 or for something different Brawl 1, Melee 1, Ranged 1, Defense 1

Careers: Duelist 2, Sailor 2, Farmboy or Laborer 0, Explorer 0

Languages: Per Nationality

Boons: Dueling Style (Drake’s – Mastery Quick Cut or Riposte), Stat Increase (Might or Flair), Lucky Sword or Devil’s Own Luck

Flaws: Pick 2 or 3 from Distinctive Appearance, Cursed, Hunted, Braggart, Drunkard, Greed, Lust, Obsession, Spendthrift. Impress the GM and take a missing eye or limb.

Equipment: Cutlass, pistol, and per careers

Favorite Maneuvers: Bind, Shove/Trip, Dirty Fighting, Quick Cut, Beat per Style; also Disarm, Hilt Punch, Moulinet

The Pirate Fencer

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